black azrael
24X30 acrylic on canvas (sold)
black sun
in the year of the flood
30X40 acrylic on canvas (sold)
when even shadows burn
30X40 acrylic on canvas (sold)
remote ways
these black shores
36X48 acrylic (sold)
three days
30X40 acrylic on canvas
veil of tears
64X48 acrylic on canvas
torso in freckle red
24X30 acrylic on canvas (sold)
this imminent heat*
24X30 acrylic
Here, I am working toward a psychology of
soul, based in a psychology of image.

The interest of depth psychology is in the
unconscious levels of the psyche.

Archetypes tend to be metaphors rather
than things.  We find ourselves less able to
say what an archetype is literally and more
inclined to describe them in images.

Let us imagine archetypes as the deepest
patterns of psychic functioning, roots of
the soul governing perspectives we have
of ourselves and the world.

All ways of speaking of archetypes are
translations from one metaphor or another.
Even expressions of science and logic are
no less metaphorical than an image which
presents archetypes as root ideas, psychic
organs, figures of myth, typical styles of
existence, or dominant fantasies
governing consciousness... their
bedazzlement of consciousness becomes
blind to its own stance.

An archetype is best comparable with a

                ~James Hillman
*indicates collaboration with Daniel Ceglinski:
the link to see examples of his work.
segnale levant (signal rising).  Sold.