The Art of Brian Burris
 Here, I am working toward a psychology of soul, based in a psychology of

The interest of depth psychology is in the unconscious levels of the psyche.

Archetypes tend to be metaphors rather than things.  We find ourselves less
able to say what an archetype is literally and more inclined to describe them
in images.

 Let us imagine archetypes as the deepest patterns of psychic functioning,
roots of the soul governing perspectives we have of ourselves and the world.

 All ways of speaking of archetypes are translations from one metaphor or
another. Even expressions of science and logic are no less metaphorical than
an image which presents archetypes as root ideas, psychic organs, figures of
myth, typical styles of existence, or dominant fantasies governing
consciousness... their bedazzlement of consciousness becomes blind to its own

 An archetype is best comparable with a god.

                                                                        ~James Hillman